LGBTQ Pride Wednesdays

Drag Show-4.png
Twincade presents an evening of awesomeness dedicated solely to NWI's 
extreme individualism and sexual diversity. Twincade's number one goal has aways been the inclusion of all things community and its amazing color. 
Every week Twincade hosts Rebel Bingo at 9pm. Also, the last Wednesday of every month is our monthly Drag Show. Come out and play games, drink, meet new people and have a ton of fun! 
Wednesdays are hosted by the outrageous and hilarious drag personality Queen Donut. 

Drink Specials

$5 Hangar 1 Rosé Vodka Kirby Pop

 blackberry, peach, hibiscus

$5 Margaritas

, mango, peach, blackberry, hibiscus, lime